Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pretty as a Picture! Happy Birthday Christianna! Posted by Hello

The birthday cake. Applesauce spice decorated with mom's honey icing and natural food coloring. Yum!! Posted by Hello

pretty young ladies! Posted by Hello

Perfect setting for a tea party. Posted by Hello

The pretty birthday girl! Posted by Hello

The Tea Party!

Monday was Christianna's 13th birthday! Since our family tradition is that we get a party when we turn: 10, 13, 16, and 18, the plans were made to host a small tea party on March 28, 2005!
The day started out wonderfully and right before Christianna's 3 friends were to arrive the sun came out and God blessed us with a beautiful 50 degrees afternoon.
All were dressed in their best formal gowns, and accented by tastefully chosen shawls, gloves and hats!
After enjoying a time of games out doors, which consisted of playing Women of the Bible "who am I?", the old fashion game of Graces, and a fun, yet maybe a little frustrating game of croquet, they all went inside for refreshments.
Between sipping a cup of tea (hot spiced apple cider) and daintily eating cake and ice cream out of crystal sherbert glasses the girls talked and laughed and overall have a wonderful time!
Before the time was up Faith helped them all make their own Bee's wax candles which they took home along with the pretty doily that was under their tea cups at their place on the table.

I'm sure if you were to ask Christianna, she would tell you that this was above all her most enjoyable birthday party ever!