Saturday, January 21, 2012

The First Run of the Season!!

 Mr. Reiche's sled run is the most celebrated hill in our area, and on normal winters the Sauve's usually make it to Mr. Reiche's by mid/late December at least, but because of the strange weather patterns this year, it wasn't till January 18th that we received the call that the famous sled run was open.  
 So early Thursday morning (the only time we could fit in to our busy schedule which I will post about next;)  Josiah, Faith and I headed over to officially "open" the sledding season!  
We had a wonderful time, though short, and left eager to return as soon as possible.  
Below is a video of the first sled run, done by FaithAnn Sauve!  If any of "my dear" readers are anywhere in the area, we would be delighted to take you over whenever the weather cooperates.  Just leave a *comment*!!!