Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friendship and Applesauce.

Making applesauce is a delightful thing to do with friends, and last Friday our dear friend Mrs. Winter came over and we helped her make some applesauce for her daughter. Fun Fun!

We used a mix bushel of apples that we got for a outstanding price.

After boiling the apples and putting them through the "squeezo strainer" we returned to the steamy kitchen to can our apple sauce.

When we were all finished a beautiful row of a dozen jars of shiny Applesauce sat on the counter!! Thank you so much Mrs. Winters for letting us "help" you. It was extremely enjoyable!
That evening we had lots of more fun! A couple of our neighbors joined us for dinner, which just happened to be one of our very own chickens.

Isn't it stunning in our new plum crock pot with the bright orange carrots nestled all around it?! Art in the Kitchen;)

After dinner we had a invigorating round of games. The first one was PIT, a very loud very fast pace game.

You basically have to get a set (nine) of one commodity and when you do...

you ring the bell with all your might and call "corner on corn" (or whatever you have). (I know that is very vague, but if you would like to get the details, you will have to come over and play it with us!)

When we were done with PIT (I won by the way:) we played Dutch Blitz. Now that is a fun game! Competitive, fast, and quite a brain worker! It teaches you to do at least two things at once;) We all had a down right wonderful time. Thanks Mr. Bryson, and Matthew for joining us!