Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Day of Visitors.

Last Friday was a day of visitors. First, at noon Uncle Dave, Dads brother, came for lunch. Uncle Dave lives in California, but comes every year for his post office reunion.

We enjoyed showing him all the new things at our "Mini Farm".

Joshua found out that Uncle Dave had done his Basic training at the same place where Josh is going to do his, and they both enjoyed discussing all about the different points of basic training.

Our next visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Diekema, long time friends (Mr. Diekema married Mom and Dad) who have been living down in Florida for twenty or more years.

It was delightful to see them as we hadn't for over four years, and we immensely enjoyed the fellowship time we were able to spend with them as fellow Christians.

We took them on a tour around our back path's,

and they got to see the finishing of the channel first hand.

We even coerced them into trying out their hands at milking Fiona.
Over all it was a wonderful day of visiting and talking with friends and relations.