Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Hot Spell

"Early in July the weather turned very hot,
    'Ain't had a spell like this in Fourteen years,'  Eli Scaynes said happily.
Each day it was hotter.  Julian and Portia felt proud of it.
'The thermometer say 95 degrees,'  Julian announced one morning; and on the next he said triumphantly, 'It's 98!'
And then one day it was 100, and the children were overjoyed, though the grownups were not."
~Return to Gone Away Lake~  By: Elizabeth Enright

(So our really hot spell came in late June instead of early July, and it still is reaching in the 90's every day.)


Summertime is for...

 .... Impromptu picnics under the willow tree.
Complete with Hot Dogs roasted over an open fire (despite the 90 degree weather)

 And delightful thirst quenching lemon water with lots of ice.
 Grapes and Crackers.

 We had two very attentive furry friends. 
"Anything you don't want, huh?" 
 After lunch we had an impromptu grass blade concert and Sadie Rose wasn't quite sure whether to join in or not.
 Baby, our elegant and elderly reigning queen.
 The chickens joined us for the crumbs after lunch, and our handsome rooster Yankee Doodle Dandy decided to pose for a photo.
"The faces"  (minus the person behind the camera of course :)