Thursday, May 31, 2007

John is a workin' man!

God has been blessing our family so much lately, in so many different ways we have seen Him leading and guiding us in His way. In one very big way that He has blessed is in supplying John with a truck! Because of our move and the hopes of getting a job John has been searching and praying for a truck and finally was lead to the right one!

Though about 8 years old, the truck has very low miles and runs very well.

We forgive him that it's a Dodge. We aren't too pleased with Ford anymore anyways.

Monday evening after the festivities at the Brysons, John tried to head to bed early as the next morning he had to get up and be at his new job by 7:30. After working his own lawn business for two years and now because of our move he decided to try to get some outside work and God blessed by leading him to this new position! Our friend Mr. Klaty owns a lawn business. John asked if he had any job opportunities and was thus assigned to a landscaping/weed pulling crew.

After only three days of work, slaving away in the hot sun and trying to be a good example to the men he worked with, God showed His grace once again by letting John's work ethic and shining testimony be rewarded with a raise!

All praise to GOD!