Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Falling Leaves!

It was a beautiful fall day when I headed out back with our goats to rake the leaves around our huge "Winnie the Pooh" Maple Tree. Fiona and Java loved the leaves, and Java's favorite thing to do was stand in the middle of my pile and as it mounded up around her pick out the best and juiciest leaves from the bunch.

It wasn't long before Josiah joined me and suggested that we rake a big pile under one of the tree limbs and jump from it.

Our outdoors, barefooted, farmer boy.

Another one of Josiah's favorite things to do is scoot out to the end of our sturdy straight branch, and then grabbing hold of the branch above it slide down until the branch bent to the ground. Quite the little Monkey!

Java loved being buried in the leaf pile. Here she is laying on my lap, at one point Josiah had her whole face and head covered with leaves, and she didn't care one bit.

We all had great fun (goats included) and got quite a bit done in the process.