Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentines, Eggs and Seeds

So sorry for being away for so long! Blogger has been troublesome again and I have been away and busy and honestly haven't had many pictures or things to post about but I know that you all are just dying(*dramatically rolls eyes*) to hear and see what has been going on around here so I did my best to scrounge around some pictures(some of which I was not the photographer) and so here you go, with the lovely title of Valentines, eggs and seeds! ~Enjoy =)

We don't normally make any big deal for holidays, especially ones that are so worldly and self centered but we enjoy a good theme now and again to bring a little difference to our lives so on Valentines day Christianna creatively incorporated hearts into our supper meal!

Heart shaped biscuits served with chicken stew, heart shaped jello and heart shaped candies! We talked about cutting the chicken and carrots into hearts but thought that would be a little extreem!

Big Boy, our handsome rooster strutting around the yard.

"The ladies" are doing well and with the little warmer weather we have had have been paying for their keep in a good collection of eggs!

We haven't yet gotten 100% out of the 15 hens but the other day this collection of 13 came in!
We (especially Faith) have been dreaming and drooling over seed catalogs for a while now and finally got our order out last month only to wait in excited anticipation for the arrival of the precious little gifts that Lord willing with spring up, bloom and produce a aboundance of fruit this year! The other day the package finally arrived and to our surprise (it was a new company we ordered from this time) was filled with nearly 100 colorfully designed and labeled packets!

Vegetables and flowers galor! Next up : a basement and porch filled with trays, dirt, spray bottles and florencent lights! Bring it on!!!