Thursday, July 03, 2014

A Blessing's Birthday

She is a major part of the family here at home, an enormous blessing.
 I am not sure if we (here at home) could survive without our Faith Ann.  And I am absolutely positive that we don't want to.
Faith is the motivation, brains, and muscle power behind so much here at "the farm".  She cans like a pro, has the greenest thumb, is an expert seamstress and takes great care of all sorts of animals.  She can make do with (or without) lots of things, and is super speedy.
But more than what she can do, and does, more than that, we truly love and need/want Faith for who she is, not what she does.
She is brave and willing to take on the dirty jobs that no-one-else wants.  She is ardent in her beliefs, knowing just what she thinks and holding to it.  She sees things in black and white and therefore is able to make needed quick decisions.  But she isn't obstinate in ignorance, she is constantly looking up, studying, searching for wisdom.  She is passionate and whole-hearted about everything, but most about her Savior, His love and what He requires of her.  She doesn't take her Christian walk lightly.  She loves the misfits and the ones that are left out.

She has a special place in her heart for special needs people, and a unique gift for working with them.  She is dedicated and fervent.  She would rather serve and give, then be served and given to.  She loves to work behind the scenes.  She sees the humor and beauty in life, and isn't blind to God's work in creation.  She is protective of her family, always wants the best for us, and is willing to research and work hard to make that happen.
Faith... well she is so hard to adequately describe, because she is (and does) so much.  I think though, that her name does truly fit.  Faith:  she knows what she believes, even when she can't see it, and holds to it with a hopeful tenacity.
In and through Faith we see God work.  He has given her so many raw talents, and has molded her throughout the years.  As her little sister I have so enjoyed being able to spend more time with her the past few years, talking, working, laughing, thinking, and I cannot wait to see the people and places she is able to bless as she follows God's will for her in the years to come.

Happy Birthday Faith Ann we LOVE you, truly we do.