Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Day!!!!!!!!!!!

It has finally come!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all day snow on Sunday, we woke up Monday with piles upon piles of snow everywhere!!! (If you can't tell I like snow=) Following are some pictures of what our sleepy eyes saw Monday morning.

The poor wild birdies bath was all frozen over, but we soon had it all fixed up.

Josiah's new profession is excavation. Every time we get snow, Josiah heads outside shovel in hand to create paths to all our animal dwellings. You should see how they (the paths, not animal dwellings;) cross and traverse all over the east side of our yard.

The chicken coop is quite pretty with its drifts of snow, don't you think?

Our back yard looked like a winter wonderland.

That afternoon we had to travel down to pick up Faith and everywhere you looked it was a winter wonderland too!!

It was so cold, that even doggies need to bundle up=)

Miss adorable dog, is sooo stylish with her blue scarf!!! Make sure you all wrap up everyone, it is cold outside. Why don't you take Baby's example and wear stylish scarves;)