Monday, September 27, 2010

John and Mandi's Michigan Reception!

Saturday, the day of John and Mandi's Michigan reception, dawned cloudy and cool. God had blessed us so much in preparation for this event, and it turned out beautifully!

Our friends from church came early in the morning and helped us set up our newly acquired tent.

And helped decorate the garage with tulle and white lights, and pictures of the wedding.

Outside our decorations were all a fall theme.

All of the girls had been baking up a storm the past week resulting Saturday morning with a table full of food. Tiny helped me set out the cookies on the trays. (and eating the broken ones too:)

OH!! melt in your mouth deliciousness. Grace's Mint Chocolate cake!!

It was delightful for John to be able to see all our relatives, and Mandi to get to meet them.

Despite some of our doubts there was enough food for everyone, and a little bit extra besides!

Align CenterMrs. Ostrander stationed herself at the lovely beverage station which she and Mrs. Fultz put together.

Following are some more pictures of the good friends, old and new, and family that attended.

Thank you to all who made the day so enjoyable for us and especially for John and Mandi!Align Center