Saturday, July 26, 2008


This week we went blueberry picking!

Tuesday we went up to a patch in Caro and picked 24 lbs of berries for Charity!

It had just rained so the pathways were very wet but it was nice because all the berries were washed clean!
Grace and Dad. (Christianna took the picture)
Our berry buckets!
Yesterday we went with friends to pick blueberries for the rest of the family. Unfortunately the berries were not quite all ready so we only came home with 4 quarts, but we still enjoyed the time spent with friends and the beauty of God's creation!

Theresa Eddy

The blueberries collected yesterday were just enough to make a huge pan of blueberry cobbler to have with friends last night and this morning we enjoyed some of the most delicious blueberry pancakes!