Thursday, March 15, 2007

Whole Food Visits

The week that Charity was in Ann Arbor our family was very spoiled as we were able to visit our most favorite store - Whole Foods, whenever we wanted! With it being less than 10 minutes from the hospital I think we found ourselves frequenting that wonderful store maybe a few to many times and though having to drive 45 min. again isn't that bad, I think that more than a few of us are rather missing that luxury.
These following pictures are only a glimpse of the greatness of this huge place and if you have never set foot in one of these stores you have certainly missed a lot!

From a beautifully and artistically arranged produce section...







... and Flowers... isle after isle of neatly (and mostly Organic) arrayed teas, juices, crackers, chips and candies (and all sorts of 'healthy' stuff)

but most of all our favorite - the bulk isle!

There is so much more to be seen and had in this spectacular store (including the very tempting taste testers place throughout for the shoppers enjoyment!) but I could never tell about or photography it all, so you will just have to go check it out for yourself- oh and remember to take a full wallet cause thing can be a little pricey at times - just check out the exquisite dishes offered in this lunch display and you might just decide to eat before you go!

Anyways...I hope you have enjoyed this little taste of one of our family's most favorite places - the Whole Foods Market!

Oh! Did I mention that they make the best ever peppermint brownies?! =)