Friday, February 27, 2015

Wondrous Weather

These first 2 month of 2015 have had their share of unique, and yes plenty of freezing, weather. I had taken some random photos documenting this since our move, and thought I would share them with you all! 

{One of the very first snowfalls at the "castle"}

{One morning we woke to everything coated in ice}

{Visually stunning for sure}

After a snow-less December, and a pretty gentle January as far as monumental snow went, we finally got a good dump on Feb. 2nd. I can't remember the exact amount.. 11 inches maybe?

Josiah spent all morning (literally clearing our 800 foot driveway with the lawn tractor. Perseverance.. that's what that man has! :)

Fan was visiting at the time (see here to find out about her) and loved going down the long freshly cleared driveway with me and her momma Sadie.

Despite the negative temperatures, we have managed to get quite a few outdoor projects accomplished, or at least started in on. One goal for Josiah was clearing the "south slope". I spent one late afternoon helping him clear and haul wood as he chopped the felled trees into proper lengths. :)

So how about you? Surviving this weather? Looking forward to spring? :)