Monday, June 25, 2007

Going on a Frog Hunt!

Last Thursday Christianna and I had a most enjoyable time "Twin-sitting" for our friends the Ervins. The highlight of the evening was going on a frog hunt with Jennifer and Jacob around their pond!
I can't quite remember how many frogs we caught (or actually Christianna caught! I was manning the camera and didn't want to get it slimy!) but there were quite a few and before we ended the hunt, a race was held and Jenny's frog won! Enjoy the photos! =)
Christianna tries for the first catching attempt as the kids and I watch and wait.

The first catch - a little yellow belly!

The beautiful sun was shining through the trees and down upon the pond. Tranquility...minus the misquitos!

"Going on a frog hunt, gonna catch a big one!" Rrrribbit!

One in each hand! Quite the achievement!

...And three!

Cute little junior.

Big Jumper!

The little girl and her prince.
Even though almost all these pictures are of Jenny, Jacob was always close by but just didn't really care for much of the hands on work. (He was helping me cheer on the frog catchers.)
What a fun evening we had and even though our first intention was to be cowboys and settlers eating around a campfire, frog hunting turned out to be quite the enjoyable adventure! God's creation is so amazing!