Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Day at the Races (sort-of . . . )

Saturday morning found us Sauve ladies driving around the back roads of Metamora in attempt to find Squeaky Windmill Farm and the carriage driving show which was being hosted there. Due to the fact that we are still quite unfamiliar with the roads here in Lapeer county, and the lack of competent directions, we found ourselves, for lack of better terms, quite lost.

Tucked in among the trees on the side of the road was this charming little cemetery. We stopped there to wait for the Eddy family (who were trying to come to our rescue) and decided to investigate the obviously very old grave stones that were scattered about. (I just love the dappled sunlight!)
The names and dates were so worn that you could barely feel the indentation when you ran your finger across the stones. The few we were able to decipher had dates from the mid to late 1800's.

Incredible equine establishments.

Some of the many we saw in our travels.

A huge House/ Barn combo.


We finally had to stop and ask directions. No better place than at this humble abode.

The wanderers have arrived! Here is one of the many banners that lined the fence along the drive. Each banner represented the different driving associations that were present. HERE-BE DRAGONS! (and I thought we were coming to see horses!)

The Driving arena.

Christianna and FaithAnn keeping a close eye on their favorites.

Ah! There is one right now! Lovely!

All the lady drivers wore such delightful hats!

A Four-wheeled carriage . . . .

and a Two-wheeled carriage!
And the red ribbon goes to . . . .

Part of the obstacle course, and practice green.

About half way through we took a tour of the stables. First off was the HUGE insulated indoor arena. Very nice.

Talk about luxurious! Cobblestone floor, Cedar wood for the stalls . . . . just keep scrolling down . . .
Shawn Eddy conversing with the Horses.

Take a look at those stalls! Grace admires the furnishings . . . and the horse . . .

FaithAnn with one of the four Fresians who resided at the stables. Gorgeous horses!!! You've got to see 'em to believe 'em.
We were privileged to be given a tour of the antique carriages. This one was restored to look exactly like its 1800's counterpart.


Four-in-Hand! A beautiful group of black cobs . . .