Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Visit to the Farm

A couple weeks ago our dear friend Vicki came up to visit and brought along her nieces and nephew to get the country experience! Though time was a little restricted we ended up having wonderful time and got to take them over to the goat farm and see all the animals!

It was a blessing to see you again Vicki and get to know Brandon, Madison and Alyssa!
May God's grace be upon you all!

Before we left for the farm the kids had a blast on our tire swing! The ultimate country thriller!

Even though they enjoyed seeing all the goats and horses, the cats were the highlight and it was hard to get away as they wanted to take them with us!

All the baby goats. They were so cute!!

Christianna was so excited to see "her" Dragon again!

Brandon holding one of the babies.

Farmer boy Josiah in his element!

Christianna and Andy

Feeding grass to the horses