Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Fresh Coat

 Our house is currently "on the market" and this is some more of the behind story of how it got there.
{the ghostly kitchen}

Our kitchen ceiling was in desperate need of a coat of paint. 

In fact you could write a story based on our kitchen ceiling.  There was the spot ("s", there are multiple ones) where someone forgot to put the lid on the blender before flipping the switch, then there is the notorious apple sauce, which boils like a volcanic marsh.  Oh, and all that funny smeary stuff over in the dining room, yeah... that would be when a certain someone was running across the kitchen with a jar of shortening and lost her grip, resulting in the jar hitting the ground and a fountain of grease shooting up onto the ceiling.  And of course all the spots where various insects were executed and smeared about. Yup.. lots of stories.

So "the boys" attacked it one morning, and now it is a beautiful clean white... for the moment. :)

Another project was our girl's room.  We had decided to attempt to paint it without removing the furniture - just shove everything to one side of the room, paint, shove back, and paint the other side.

We were told to choose a neutral color, so "lilting laughter" was our selection. A nondescript creamy peachy paint.

While Faith was painting our bedroom, we were spread out around the rest of the house doing touch-ups. 

Of course we discovered after a few tries that the paint we had bought for moldings was a different color then what the people before us had used. Making just "touch ups" impossible. Just a little bit frustrating.

So now our house is in tip top shape (at least as much as it can be) and with it's fresh coat is ready for anyone who would like to come look at it!