Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chickens and Potatoes.

Despite the misleading title, I am not talking about a casserole
or dinner combination.

Real live chickens, I mean, not cooked. Just the other day Josiah wanted to do a portrait session with our ladies. Let me introduce you. This is Lightning.

This is one of our unnamed Rhode Island Red Chickens. Isn't she pretty?

Napoleon (one of our baby roosters) wanted to know what was going on
and to get in on the action. Handsome fellow.

A day or so later, it being a beautiful sunny day, we decided to dig up
our potatoes, and the chickens decided to help out.

One of the "Crow Sisters" helped look for any potatoes we may have left.

We got a little less than a bushel of Kennebec potatoes, some of which
were smaller than golf balls while others were baseball size.

Our red potato came in all shapes and sizes (there were some that look liked Mickey Mouse, others resembled Snow men and still others reminded us of old fashion perfume spray bottles) filling up half a bushel.

Josiah diligently searched for the very last potatoes which might have been missed, with the help of a pitchfork. We are very thankful for this "crop" of potatoes, and all the other blessings God has given us from our garden.

~Chs and Josiah