Tuesday, February 07, 2006

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go!

Sunday morning we woke up to about 1" of slushy snow outside and a phone call from Mr. Del telling us that they had over 6" up there in Lapeer and a suggestion that we cancel our worship service. Upon realizing that we did not have our usual "two hour" drive ahead of us, we all slowed down from our hectic Sunday morning 'get-ready' rush. The rest of the morning was then spent in Bible study, a family worship time, watching a sermon video and taking our much overdue family picture!! As you may have noticed, our profile picture on our blog was just a little dated on our appearences, and with the fact that a few of us are still growing, we thought you might like to see the updated version of the Sauve family! After much-a-do about dress ( it was found, after Grace searched through everyones wardrobe, that Burgandy was our most common choice) and positioning, the camera was set up and the smiles appeared. (Note: Actually we had not at all planned on taking the picture that day, but because of the service cancelation and the fact that almost everyone had unknowingly worn their assigned attire, we decided to shoot for it!) Who would have known that trying to get nine people to smile 'Nicely' all at the same time would take so long!!! However, after about 2 dozen snapshots and a little fixing up on the computer this was our final choice for our 2006 Sauve family photo! Posted by Picasa