Monday, December 21, 2015

Wrapping up September

Yes, I know September was 3 months ago. But bare with me, I'm catching up, and I don't want to skip over some fun stuff and random photos I have. :) 

Squishy getting introduced to "Mr. Wombat" the single baby bunny I told you about earlier. Poke soft. 

Another neat event in September was being able to view the "Blood Moon" or full Eclipse. Pretty amazing.

Faith's Morning Glories she had planted on the bean trellis finally bloomed... after the beans were all done! :)

My amazing oldest Sister celebrated her 33rd birthday! 

Another big announcement we got, was that Josh and Theresa are expecting their second baby.

Due to arrive sometime in May 2016.

Gabe wasn't completely sure about his new title! :)

And that I think wraps up September.. phew! Time to move on!