Sunday, July 25, 2010

Discovering the Mysterious Garden.

A week or so ago we had the privilege of cleaning up the backyard of a house in Port Huron. The house has been empty for 12 years and the last time anyone had done anything with the backyard was at least 5 years ago. Following are some pictures, from the two day back breaking clean up, for your enjoyment.
Hard at work in the Jungle :

work included; Sawing down trees,

pulling stubborn grape vines,

removing brush and therefore looking like a walking bush,

helping to hold trees, and therefore lessening the danger of the trees falling on someones head,

playing in the dirt ;)

and becoming exhausted.
Before and after photos:

Looking towards the fence.

Before: Green, green and more green, did someone say there was a fence here?

After: Oh! there was a garden and paving stones there, what a surprise!

Before: the ramp was covered with raspberry's and trees that had grown up through the wood.

After: A nice clean ramp free of trees and weeds.

Before: Ivy crawling all over the flower bed and crossing the side walk into the lawn.

After: A semi clean sidewalk and trimmed ivy, making it a lot easier to access the ramp.

Before: a dilapidated picnic table covered by raspberry bushes and held captive by roses.

After: a liberated picnic table, cleared patio and conquered roses.

The result.
24 full lawn bags :)