Monday, March 21, 2011

Michigan weather- Michigan birds.

It was a couple of weeks ago when we spotted our first Robin, and since then it has been a happy sight; them hopping here and there all over the yard. The contrast of their red breast nearly made the grass look green again.

Even the papa goldfinches believed spring had come and began to put on their bright summer finery! Then one day (Tuesday to be exact) it happened.

Winter returned with surprising vengeance, making one more struggle to retain its hold on the spring longing world. The Robins were disgusted. So were the many other birds that had been fooled by the delicious weather.

This male red-winged blackbird was not inclined to admire the icy branches on which he was perched, and there will have to be some considerable warm weather before we spot any females.

You never know what the weather will hold in Michigan, especially in late March. But of course we know that God knows about it all, even my poor half frozen crocuses, because He of course created them, and the icy snow that is encrusting them! =)



"The long warm rain had done strange things to the herbaceous beds which bordered the walk by the lower wall. There were things sprouting and pushing out from the roots of clumps of plants and there were actually here and there glimpses of royal purple an yellow unfurling among the stems of crocuses."

"See here!" Said Dickon. "see how these has pushed up, an' these an' these! An' Eh! look at these here!"
He threw himself down upon his knees and Mary went down beside him. They had come upon a whole clump of crocuses burst into purple and gold. Mary bent her face down and kissed and kissed them."

From The Secret Garden By Frances Hodgson Burnett