Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Strolls

The past two Sunday afternoons, we have been blessed with beautiful weather, just perfect for a stroll out in God's gorgeous and amazing outdoors.

So two Sundays ago three of us children, Josh and Theresa, and Mr. Reiche, packed into the van, along with our two faithful canines, and headed off to Beaver Lake Trails.
We soon realized that our "stroll" was really a full grown hike, but nothing could dampen our spirits, and we trudged on, marveling in the bright blue sky and late November beauty all around us.

A masked woman :)
After much huffing and puffing, we reached pinnacle peak!
We all stopped to survey the land from the summit, and catch our breath before plunging down the hillside.

Her royalty, Miss Baby was carried for several stretches, and seemed quite happy about it :)  (not so Sadie Rose, who darted around in front, behind, with...)
Until I tried to take pictures of her close up...
Being such a gorgeous day, we were not surprised to see other people out and about, many of them on horse back.
We headed back up the trail we came, crossed this bridge which has quite the personality, and headed to our vehicles.
The dogs were happy and worn out, most of the humans were the same, and we once again loaded up and headed homewards, a successful hike behind us.


This Sunday was looking to be just as pretty as last and we were about to call our faithful walking companion Mr. Reiche and ask him if he was available for another adventure, when he walked in the door.  Talk about timing :)
For this next trip into creation, we headed to For-Mar Nature preserve.
Barefoot Hiker
The paths here are much wider and more level then Beaver Lake Trails, but just as beautiful and full of interesting pieces of nature.

Since we were in the area we decided to stop by the Foote Bird Museum, and were quite stunned and impressed with all the birds.  It was very intriguing wandering around all the glass cases built 60 plus years ago, full of birds of all sizes types and variety.
There were also cases of eggs.
It really was a fascinating exhibit  and I would have had many more photos of it and the rest of are hike, but....  my camera battery died :(
We are very grateful for these last few hikeable days, yet look forward to winter, with sledding, snowman, snowballs.......