Monday, December 22, 2008

Wintery Days

Winter days call for....

Cuddles before church on Sunday...
...and result in lots of pictures of the winter wonderland outside by Josiah (since he enjoys braving the elements more than I do!).

Pretty cool huh?

He got some great pictures out back in our wetland.

This little lady was just munching away and not caring as we drove by only about 10 yards away! Faith even rolled down the window and talked to her but she acted like she had lived around people all her life!

...Faith stayed with friends for a week and they brought her home right after a big snow(one of the many!) and they all had a blast sledding down our "hill", playing with the horses or hanging out with the chickens in the barn!

Chicken fun!

The horses grazing while the homeys are staying cozy in the background in their "castle"! Don't worry, the bottle Josiah is holding is only natural ginger soda. he hee! =)
Brite enjoyed some too!

Faith in the kitchen at the creamery where we make goat cheese. Yummm!

Christianna made some gingerbread people the other day. Josiah created the center one. See the resemblance? =)
Isn't he the cutest little farmer?! =)

After the latest snow fall Josiah, our friend Theresa and I made a trip out back to collect some pine bows. First though, we had to get over our wetland area to reach the meadow!

Josiah trying to prove to us that the ice was solid enough for us to cross!

Thankfully we did make it across without getting wet and made our way across the snow covered meadow admiring and taking pictures of the fluffy crystals.

Even though the sun was shining bright, the temperature was quite low and we quickly gathered what we needed and headed back inside for some hot chocolate.

Look! Its a walking pine bundle!

The cowboy has returned! =)

Happy Winter to you all! Stay warm and be blessed!

~To God be the glory~