Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Snow Day - Shoveling - Annual Snow Fort

In the early morning hours of February 13 we were dumped with close to 8 inches of snow, a busy morning of shoveling jobs for our neighbors, helping people get their cars out of the snow ruts and carefully heading over to the hospital to see Charity.

Drifts were everywhere...

even hanging off of our gutters...

- ranging from 28 inches to 1/2 inch.

The crew headed out to cover our annual jobs of shoveling out our neighbors.

After all the hard work was done, the now tired and rosy cheeked gang came back in for breakfast.

Remember the past posts of our wintry season when we told and showed of our annual snow slide and forts? Well this year it all happened again, though it was short lived because of warm weather, and our slide was erected off the back deck (sorry I didn't get any pictures of it this year!) and though a little different from past years, our front yard quickly acquired a VERY LARGE mound right in the middle of it for all the passerby and interested house shopper to see! =)
This years goal was for bigger and better than ever! John really wanted to get it high enough to stand straight in but that never happened and so a huge cave came into existence with a support beam in the middle, front and back entrances and an additional room off the side. Though the shape was anything but attractive (at first I thought they were going to go for an igloo affect, but it turned out more like a volcano!) the creativeness it encouraged and pleasure it brought were all the worth while and though again short lived, it was at least yet another founded memory to keep for years to come!

Baby wasn't to sure about hanging out in the snow cave.

The creators and their master piece!
(l-r Faith, Josiah, John, Joshua, Christianna and Baby)

Another Backyard Visitor

On February 12 and a few days following this little stealthy hunter would pay a visit to our area of the woods trying to catch one of our many resident squirrels but unfortunately to no avail. However we greatly enjoyed being able catch yet another glimpse of one of God's amazing and beautiful creations!

At the first few visits of just hiding and peaking from behind the trees this little guy got rather bold and just hunkered down in this little hollow though rather in plain view to wait for any absent minded rodent to cross his path.

Though my digital zoom wasn't the best, this was the closest photo I was able to get.
See a resemblance between this pretty fox and our corgi/spitz Baby?!