Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Winter Walks

With all this wonderful snow we have had recently, the three intrepid hikers (also known as Faith, Christianna and Josiah) have been venturing out into the white world for some invigorating walks.
Beaver Lake Trails is one of our favorite and usual spot for a hike, but we hadn't been able to get to it in a while.  So we were thrilled to make it out one Sunday afternoon.
The snow made everything beautiful.

The marsh and lake were quite frozen so we decided to go off trail and trudged across.
The big lake was a little more "creaky", so we cautiously walked around the edge just to make sure.  We made it back to the parking lot safely, after thoroughly enjoying are hike, even if it was brief.


A few days later we received a dump of snow.  Once again we three headed out, this time to Tody Lake trails, one of the best sledding/hiking trails known to man!!
Sadie always accompanies us on these adventures, and she especially enjoys the sledding voyages.  This time she had to wear a orange necklace to beware of hunters.
Off we go!!
And up.... up.... up.  This is one of the most impressive hills.  The path on the right is SUPER steep, so when you come down it feels like you've reached the bottom before you leave the top.  The left path, while a bit less steep, is rather more curvy, so steering is of essence unless you want to shoot off the ledge or run into miscellaneous trees.
Some of the paths were a bit treacherous because of fallen limbs, so some impressive gymnastics were required.. :P
We are hoping for many more adventures this winter, and are thankful for such a good beginning!