Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Challenge

The Silence is broken... with a challenge.
Today we were reminiscing about our move last year, and to do so, we scanned through the blog. While there, Josiah noticed the extreme lack of posts this year, and was giving me a hard time about it! So I looked and saw how many posts I had done this year (I admit.. it's pitiful) and wondered out loud, if I could post enough in the next month to get 50 posts on this year. Josiah jumped on it. And we made a deal.. (he'll do something that I choose if I do get 50 posts by December 31st, and I'll do something he chose if I don't). 

So.. look out for a bunch of catch up posts in the next month! A lot went on with our family this year, and I'm hoping to share it all!!! Feel free to comment to encourage (or challenge/tease) me along!! :) I most likely will need it! 

With hopes of many future posts!