Friday, June 17, 2005

This is Mrs. Rosemind Taber, a friend from our Homeschool group. This past Monday, she came over for help with some sewing for herself and her daughter, Aasha. We were able to complete a button front dress and bib jumper for Aasha, and Mrs. Taber cut out a couple skirts for herself. Mr. Taber was able to make it over after work, so we had dinner and a lovely time of fellowship. The Taber's have two other children, Hudson and Joel, and a new baby is on the way! How very exciting!  Posted by Hello

This is Aasha. (chorus:"Aaahhh":-) She loved to play on the piano, and she and Christianna even played a little duet.  Posted by Hello

Here is Aasha in the completed dress. She liked to wear our big floppy sun hat. Doesn't she look lovely!?  Posted by Hello