Saturday, February 25, 2006

Charity's 7X7+1

Explanation: There is a blog game going around, you have to make 7 lists of 7 items about yourself. At the end of your lists you "tag" 7 other people to do the same. I was tagged by Allison Marshall, who was tagged by her sister Annick, who was tagged by Mr. Klaty, etc. :)

Well, I've never done one of these before, so here goes...;)

7 Things I'd like to do before I die

1. Be completely healthy.
2. Marry a godly young man with a vision for taking dominion for our Saviour.
3. With above young man - raise up many little blessings to help us "take dominion" for the Lord.
4. Live to see my great-great grandchildren.
5. Travel to Europe to see the places where our Ancestors in the Faith lived. (Especially Scotland;)
6. See a "truly" reformed Christian President in the White House.
7. Have a gentle, quiet, submissive spirit before the Lord, my family, and my future husband.

7 things I like to make with my hands

1. Knitted baby blankets
2. Crocheted doilies
3. long, flowing feminine dresses for me and my sisters to wear!:)
4.Tasty Sourdough bread(when it turns out)
5. Pencil Portraits
6. Healthy meals
7. Dainty Crosstitch pictures

7 Books I really enjoy reading after the Bible

1. Any Isabella Alden Book(too many to choose from!;)
2. Ben-Hur
3. The Count of Monte Cristo
4. Law & Liberty
5. Nourishing Traditions
6. Herbal Treasures
7. Ishmael & Self-Raised (set)

7 Men I really admire

1. My Dad
2. Doug Phillips
3. R.J. Rushdoony
4. Justice Tom Parker
5. Dr. John Eidsmoe
6. Judge Roy Moore
7. Jeff Botkin

7 Movies I like(or would like) to watch

1. Timechanger
2. Rigoletto
3. Ben-Hur
4. St. John in Exile
5. Flame in the Wind
6. Pride & Prejudice (would really like to!:)
7. Gettysburg

7 Things I do not do well

1. Be creative on my own without following directions.
2. Give a "soft answer" instead of retaliating
3. Give up my own wishes in preference of others
4. Keep my room as clean as it should be.
5. Finish every handcraft project that I start.
6. Exercise as often as I should.
7. Act interested in other's ideas and opinions.

7 Things I say often

1. Are you sure...?
2. Drat!
3. "... Munchkin.." (refering to one of my youngest siblings)
4. I need a hug!:)
5. Pweeeze!
6. Mom... I have a problem...;)
7. You have to read this!

1- 7 People I tag...

1. Dad
2. Theresa Eddy
3. Jessie White
4. Christianna Sauve
5. Tamra Klaty
6. Kelly Shepherd
7. Evvie Marshall

Go do it, and be truthful!:) I will be looking for your lists!;)