Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lately...Snow, snow and more snow...and fellowship with friends

Snow has been falling pretty regularly lately. Seems kind of early for the season...but hey, it's Michigan right?

Piles of snow and pathways cut across our "oh so wonderful to have finished" deck!

The plowman is back!

Driving down the road after a fresh snowfall.

Friends stopped by and we had a blast sledding down our steps! [photo taken by Christianna]

Danielle and Nicholette on the tube.

Daniel heading down backwards!

Part of our water way out back. [taken by Josiah]

More friends over for dinner and talking about some exciting stuff coming up! *more info to come!*

The other day we noticed a deer out back so Josh headed out to get a closer look and of course he took his bow with him. =) Look closely under the pine trees close to the middle of the picture. She apparently didn't really care about Josh being there until he stood and just walked straight toward her. She finally headed off to the left, but she was too small anyways.

Fellowship with friends and playing with kitties.

Sharing gardening and chicken stories.

On it's throne, this kitten is watching Josiah with a toy intently.

Josiah took this picture. Too cute isn't it?
~Next up....the final Handel's Messiah performance was today. Singing that last "amen" fills me with awe, joyfulness and sadness that yet another year of Messiah practices are over. What a blessing it has been to be a part of this choir. May our Lord and Savior be praised!