Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thanks to Hurricane Ike

Faith caught this picture yesterday of this poor little fellow trying to stay dry in Josiah boat when the water started rising.

Today our backyard looks like this...and every moment its getting even worse!

Canoe ride anyone!?!

Josh and Josiah canoeing through our yard. The water got even higher and as neighbors came over to see our lovely waterway, they were able to float through the opening in the fence and out back where we hope to put our much needed pond!

We never would have dreamed of (or wished for) something like this! Thank the Lord we are still dry, and even though this might look bad I know that there are many more people down in Texas that have it a lot worse that this.

Checking out the road with the neighbors.

....or what used to be the road. One neighbor came out in his four wheeler. You could almost use a skidoo!
We will see what tomorrow looks like.

Goodnight, from Lily Spring Pond. =)