Monday, March 31, 2014

2 Days in My Life

This year my birthday was a little different in an entirely good way.  Every Thursday, Mom, Faith and I volunteer at the Pregnancy Resource Center's Clothes Closet.  We have many friends there, and one of them, dear Kathy Brandt, has a birthday just 1 week before mine (and exactly 60 years earlier!)  We had planned a little party for her and I.

We made a carrot cake.  Mumsie and I and had much fun shaping and decorating the cake.

This darling little Duckie was the end result! :) 

 We had a delightful party, although sadly Kathy Brandt was not feeling well and couldn't make it.

I am very blessed with wonderful friends and family!! 

Friday morning started out rainy but warm and wonderful, with decadent crepes filled with Strawberry/Blueberry sauce making up our breakfast. 

Later that day I took my Ducklings out for a dabble in the mud.  It was their very first outing out back, and my first walk in our back yard since I tore my MCL.

{When fashion is beaten by practicality and comfort. :P}
It was a lovely time outside and I am so grateful for the warmer weather.

That evening we had a party! Josh, Theresa, and Grace joined us. 

Turkey Cordon Bleu, Oven Roasted Squash, Canned Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, and Raspberry Pears!  Delicious and filling.

Our dessert that evening strayed from the normal Birthday dessert for 2 reasons. We had cake the day previous (and Cake and Ice Cream after dinner is always too much for me) and I LOVE Ice Cream Sandwiches.  So, I made them! :)  They were awesome! 

 {Flowers: they know me well}

I am so grateful for having been placed into this wonderful, real life, unique, wise, down to earth, farming family.  I also thank God for the 22 years of life He has given me, and pray that I might use the next year to His glory!