Monday, July 27, 2009

Gods wonderful Creation!

Hullo! I am a gray tree frog, and it is a pleasure to meet you.

I've been living at the Sauve's house a little bit now, when I was discovered by an enormous scary thing called a human being. Not half as handsome as me I'll tell you.

You see God has equipped me with amazing color patterns which resembles tree bark. A very nice camouflage indeed.

Here I am relaxing in a nice little pool. Ahh!! Chilling out!

Now here I would like you to meet my second cousin's uncle three times removed. As you can see, unlike me he is green, yet he is still a gray tree frog. Why? Well, on the rare occasion we come down from our leafy habitats, or when we are on a green leaf instead of gray bark we are in danger of being eaten by ferocious, nasty, mean, not so nice, birds. So God gave us the marvelous abilities to change the color of our skins to save our skins!

Aren't we just amazing?!! I sure think so, and I am not at all vain. =)
It was very nice to meet you, and next time you see a tree frog take the time to take a closer look at this amazing piece of God's creation.