Thursday, June 17, 2010

Abandoned roads and darling doggies.

No, our Lap Top has not yet been fixed, I downloaded these pictures by a sneaky and devious route from Mr. Reiche:)!
Last Monday, Josiah and I had the oppurtunity of helping Mr. Reiche re-claim an old abandoned road, and make it into a hiking/biking trail. Mr. Reiche had gotten permission from the farmers who's ancestors the road had been named after, and who's property bordered and/or included most of the trail.

We made a quick stop to see one of the farmers, a friend of Mr. Reiche's who raises race horses, and were thrilled (or at least I was;) to see him exercising one of his gorgeous horses around his race track which circles a small lake. The Horses symmetry was absolutely beautiful to see; its legs working as matched pistons in a well balanced trot around the track.

As soon as we (I) were done watching the horse we drove back to our entrance to the "road" and began work. Some of the path was still quite clear and sitll had a road like appearance.

There was just a few logs here and there to clear and low branches to trim. In other parts though....

...grass touch-me-not's and other various weeds had made battle against the road and won. We went to war on the roads side and chopped down a path through the middle, leaving piles of vanquished foes behind us.

We made it all the way to the end of the road, and felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as we broke our way through the overhanging bush and popped out where the road used to connect. Mr. Reiche said he felt like Lewis, Clark and Sacajawea, breaking a path through the wilderness. So, tired but happy, wet but satisfied, we made our way back to the car and begin to wind our way down the drive towards home.

But we just had to stop when we saw the farm's puppies rambling around in the yard. AWWWW!

Six adorable, wiggly, soft, mutt puppies met us with effusive joy. Their mother was extensively passive and did not mind us grabbing hugging squeezing or kissing her puppies at all.

I believe this one was my favorite (but it is hard to tell, all six were darling). He was the chunk of the bunch, playful but not quite as rough and overly energetic as some of the others. Both Josiah and I had bundles of fun and were very grateful to Mr. Reiche for taking us along and letting us help.