Saturday, June 06, 2009

Graduations and Barn Dancing!

This last Saturday was a wee bit busy,

In the afternoon we were able to attend the Graduation ceremony of our good friend and neighbor Timothy Bryson.

Tim and his proud Dad.

Congratulations Timothy!
After the ceremony we rushed away to participate in a Barn Dance at the goat farm and horse stables where us girls work.

Mr. White, a long time friend from down in Dearborn came up with his family to lead the dance. He has been doing Barn dancing for over 20 years.

Jesse and Grace promenade around the Barn :0)

Mr. DeSota, our friend and one of the managers of the Goat farm with his little girl Elliana.

Dosi Doe and away we go.

Yay Mumsie and Dad

While everyone else was dancing I went and visited Sparkle the miniature horse at the farm. Whoa Sparkle, not so close to the Camera;)

Go Grace!

Ethan and Vanessa DeSota, with Baby Raya hanging on for all she's worth on the back;)

Whoo hooo!!

How are we supposed to do that?

Little Elliana loved dancing, in this picture I think she was supposed to be polka-ing, which to her consists of jumping up and down like a bunny rabbit.

The Farm also had pony rides during the dance breaks.

sorry about the fuzzy pictures it was rather dusty in there.

This little baby loved Jack, one of the ponies at the farm.

We all had a great time, and enjoyed our first experience at barn dancing immensely.


Our Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we went up to our friends house to help them put up some fences in anticipation of them getting a Jersey Cow.

This beautiful pasture right behind the barn and paddock was the ideal spot and we began measuring and banging in the posts.

Little John loved to hitch rides.

Where there is a frog to be found Josiah finds it. The Hayse have a nice pond and small stream which is full of frogs and tadpoles.

Pretty Arianna!

I got to walk the horse while everyone else worked;) Somebody had to do it!

Esther loved sitting on Arianna.

Well somehow no pictures were taken of the people working (I guess the girls with the horse were more photogenic:) but a good time was had by all and a lot was accomplished.

Right John?!!