Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Treck Through the Woods

Last Saturday found 5 of us along with Mr. Reiche at our local Nature Sanctuary. You see, one of our "resolutions" this year was to take a hike at this Sanctuary and also at a nearby state game area once a month. The February walk is now marked off.

The snow was still very deep and Baby was quite the little snow plow. We all slugged on after her (Baby always likes to be first;) enjoying the cold beauty around us.

There are quite a number of small lakes on the sanctuary as well as a windy stream, but they were all still very frozen over.

There were so many interesting details that we were able to see as we traversed the path, God's creation is so amazing and diverse, even in the "dead of winter".


Grace is Home!!!

Yep, that's right after a 6 week sojourn (visiting John and Mandi) in Texas, Grace has finally returned to her native environment. By all signs she is happy to be back too, we sure are! We love you Gracey girl!!