Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Weekend Full of Excitement!

Can you guess what happened to poor Dina and why it took us 3 hours to get home instead of an hour and a half ?

(FYI - our 9yr old van is appropriately named after the loud, dinosaur-like noise that she makes.) Posted by Picasa

Calling for help. God truly blessed us by sending two ladies (with a small fender denter) to the same intersection we were stranded at. Since we did not have a cell phone and no way to contact anyone, dad was able to borrow one of the drivers phone and call the Eddys! Posted by Picasa

Whats wrong?  Posted by Picasa

Uh Oh, not good! (notice the liquid and steam) Posted by Picasa

Saturday Derby!

Saturday beamed bright and early (maybe a little too early for us late night firework watchers!) and the men folk headed down to the pond for a fishing derby! The contest was divided by age groups and the prizes went to the person with the longest fish! Posted by Picasa

Catch anything yet John? Besides Seaweed? Nope. Posted by Picasa

The young fisher. Josiah did the best of all of us that day with catching a 15 inch carp!! Unfortunately he wasn't the only one catching big fish, because across the pond another young man, in Josiah's age category brought in a 20 inch Carp!  Posted by Picasa

Josiah's 'easy catch' 7 inch catfish. It turned out that he had actually hooked a broken double line that had this fish and a 9 inch carp on it! What a surprise! Posted by Picasa

Though I didn't get a picture of it, Shawn did caught a 9 inch catfish which turned out the be the largest fish in his age category! Hurray Shawn! Here Josh and Shawn look over his prize - a new light weight fishing rod. Posted by Picasa