Friday, July 18, 2008


Here are some images of the different flowers that are blooming around our place!

Lily Springs is thriving by the grace of God!

A Daisy/Lily bouquet I made.

Mom's mothers day rose

Sweet peas!! This is the first year we have ever tired to grow sweet peas and really like how the turned out growing up our fence! This really isn't the best picture of them, they are much fuller now and sport about 9 different colors!

Our Hostas along the side of the deck are blooming nicely.

We are never going to buy greenhouse grown Alyssum again! Home grown get so much bigger and fuller and simply smell gorgeous! Faith also started these cute little pansies from seed too.

Sweet honey smelling Alyssum

Growing only from a small base, they spread into bushes of white and purple flowers!

To add to all of our orange lilies that gave us our name, some friends gave us some of these special yellow variety to add to our landscape.

And of course I couldn't live without my daisies so here they are, brought from the other house, in the corner bed of our property.