Thursday, June 08, 2006

Nothing to worry about right? Just a VERY flat tire in need of some air? Pretty easy to fix too if it hadn't have been on a Sunday morning at 8:30 when we were supposed to be on the road heading to Church an hour and a half away! Praise God it was a slow leak and we made it up to Lapeer without any mishap. After service we were able to change it with the nine year old spare which carried us home and a couple days ago we got all the tires changed. Thank the LORD for His mercies in even the small (or big!) things of life! Posted by Picasa

The week before our Subdivision Garage Sale, we cleaned out the rather cluttered garage and gave it a much needed coat of paint. Posted by Picasa

Garage Sale!

Saturday ended up being a glorious day for a garage sale! 9:00am came pretty quickly and even before we had gotten everything set in it's place, people were stopping by to see what we had to offer. Our Refreshment stand went to work right away too as our homemade Banana and Zucchini breads, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and frozen goods tempted many a customer to purchase an early morning snack! Posted by Picasa

Christianna was one of our main sale managers for our Refreshment table. We're not sure if it was just the delicious goodies that we had to sell or the modest and pretty outfit that she wore that attracted costumers, but many people swarmed to our little stand to purchase something tasty from "the Amish girl"! Posted by Picasa