Monday, October 06, 2008

Pictures From Last Week

The week started out with Charity turning 26 on Tuesday!

Faith and I made a very rich chocolate peanut butter silk pie for Charity. It was very good but several of us could barely finish our slices!

Happy birthday dear sister! May God bless you with many more to come and His peace and guidance for better health and comfort.

This post is going to be filled with pictures of this lovely young lady! =) Sorry Faith, but I have several great pictures of you and you finally gave me a beautiful smile for this one!

Cleaning out the garden. Harvest is over, the hard frost has come, so on Saturday we cleaned out the garden.

Garden girl! Thanks to Faith's gardening knowledge obtained from several seasons staying with our great Aunt (the expert gardener) and God's blessings we had a wonderful harvest this year!

The "twin" farmer girls.

I was just minding my own business and cleaning out the herb box when I all of the sudden noticed, to my horror, this creature hanging around! I didn't scream, mind you, but I did try to stay away from it until my lovely sister told me to get a picture of it! =P

Ho ho ho you go, moving down the row, seeding, weeding, large family feeding singing as you go!

Farmer boy himself!

Josh helping out with hoeing down the corn row.

Christianna pulled the bean vines down.

Taking a break for some frog hunting.

We collected the corn stalks and I tied them in bunches for selling at the road.

Josiah took this picture Sunday morning. Another hard frost had settled creating a shiny and glittery landscape all around us!

Faith and I were down in Dearborn for most of the week (left Tuesday evening and came home Friday night) Faith staying with our friends the Kinne's and I stayed with my friend Heidi. This picture was from Wednesday when we took our friend Priscilla out for a picnic to the Henry Ford Estate.

The water falls at the Estate.

Here is Heidi's cat Sasha rather annoyed that she cannot get through the window to "play" with "Chip".

"Chip" is very content however to sit on the window sill and watch the antics of the said cat try to get out the window. =)

We have been tagged by the DeLadurantey sisters!

Here are 6 things about the Sauve family that you may have never known before!

1. Our 36th great grandfather was Rollo the Viking

2. We have a chicken called "Kitty" and a dog named "Baby".

3. Our shortest person is 5'7" and our tallest is 6'4"....and one of us wears size 17 shoes!

4. Our deck is almost the same size as our house... a whopping 1200 sq. ft!

5. We treat Christmas as any other day of the year.

6. We love to sing and are not afraid to sing with all our might where ever we are. Bring your ear plugs. =)

and for # 7, since 7 is the number of perfection and there are 7 of us children...we have not lived in one house for more than 7 years!

So there you have it!

'til next time. May God be with you all!