Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hope for America....Vote for Truth!

Once again we approach another Presidential election. Yes, I know the general election is still almost a year off, but Primaries are fast approaching and with campaigns in full swing, I thought it about time I put in my two cents on all this. In previous elections, both State and National, our family, and myself personally, have on the whole given our support and vote to Third party candidates, specifically those of the Constitution Party. I have had many lively discussions and disagreements with friends over this stand; allegedly assisting the liberal candidate by “throwing away” my vote on a candidate with no chance to reach office. Well, to all my friends out there, those third party days are over, at least in relation to the office of President. No, I have not changed my view of voting upon principal not popularity. What has changed is that for the first time in many years God has produced a principled, honest, constitutionalist to run on the Republican ticket. Now, we still have to get him elected in the primaries as the Republican Nominee, but I honestly believe that Ron Paul is the one candidate who I can, in good conscience, give my full support to as potential President of the United States of America. I will not go into detail on Dr. Paul’s stands and history, you can look that up for yourself on Just Google Ron Paul and you will find a myriad of websites. I would like to speak to the main reason for my support of Ron Paul and address the problem of the Christian communities split over the Republican nomination.

First of all, as an avid student of the Constitution, it is a breath of fresh air to find a politician who honestly believes in and follows the document he swears to uphold on entering office. Ron Paul is consistent despite pressure to conform; frequently he has been one of few, if not the only one, to vote against a bill in the House that was unconstitutional. Also, and this is something not all agree with me on, but I appreciate his stand on foreign policy and specifically the war in Iraq. While all other Republican candidates stick to party lines, Paul sticks to principal and constitutional standards and has since day one, which can not be said of the Democratic candidates who hold the same view as him on the war but for different reasons.

Now on the subject of the Christian communities split. Among the 9 main candidates running, 5 may claim to hold to conservative Christian standards: Tom Tancredo (rep.-Colorado), Duncan Hunter (rep-California), Ron Paul (rep-Texas), Mike Huckabee (gov.-Arkansas), and Alan Keyes (U.S. ambassador). The problem is that with the Christian community split between so many candidates, it weakens the chance for any one individual, especially since all five of these could be called dark horses. First of all, there is one thing common between all these men; all claim to be born again Christians and as far as I can tell all give valid evidence to the truth of that fact. Also, all have similar if not identical opinions on Immigration and border control. After that things begin to get muddled, but of all the candidates there is only one who on every single issue is 100% Constitutional. Hopefully, after looking up about Ron Paul you will realize that for yourself. Now, you still may at that point disagree personally with Ron Paul on certain issues, you may not agree with his foreign policy stands, or his views on stopping abortion and gay rights, and that is absolutely fine. My stand is that when I vote for a man whose chief duty is to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States that is exactly what I expect him to do.
I know this is a touchy subject among many but I encourage study and discussion on it. We all have a duty to make an educated vote this next year and one we will have to live with the next four years. Please feel free to e-mail me at with any questions, comments and or concerns, and I’ll be glad to read and reply. I hope to be posting some more related articles as time goes on, so please stay tuned.

Sincerely Serving Him
A Christian Patriot
John B. Sauvé