Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Where Ducklings Get a Whole Post to Themselves..

Some things are so cute that they deserve a whole blog post to themselves... 
Meet my latest batch of ducklings.

I hatched this group out with the specific purpose of being "special guests" at the annual Horse Day Camp held at Banbury Cross Tec where I volunteer. 6 of the little fluff balls came out, and so to make it easy I named them alphabetically.
Please meet Archie, Bella, Crackers, Delta, Echo, and Faye. 

This is little stripy Delta, a mix of Pekin and Welsh Harlequin breeds.

Baby Faye, was the last to hatch and when I took them outside for the first time, her favorite place to be was hidden next to Sadie's warm belly.

All the ducklings were rather fascinated by the fuzzy black babysitter (i.e the BEST dog ever!)

They have since become a little more cautious around her, but when they were little and new, she was their playground, their heat blanket, and their favorite thing to poke at. :)

Precious little ducklings. I personally think bran' new just hatched baby ducklings, are one of the most darling things in God's creation (2 week old baby rabbits are pretty close). Unfortunately, they grow up very very quickly. So you must enjoy their cuteness to its max while you can.

Princess Faye (still the smallest of the bunch) says Hello!

And there is your duckling fix for the month. :)