Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Twins Celebrate

July has been flying by at an alarming rate, and I now find myself in the embarrassing position of still filling you in on events from the middle of the month, now that it is about to close.
Two weeks ago we celebrated Mother and her twin Carmen's Birthday.  I am afraid I would not be exactly popular if I gave their age :)
We held the celebration at Pine Grove park as we have done so many times in the past years.
It was very relaxing and beautiful as we watched the river continually run by, bright blue, reflecting the sky above.
On very auspicious occasions we drag one of our frozen Apple Ciders out of it's hidden location (no more Cider this year! :(    The only problem is when you forget to get the Cider out in time to thaw.  Oh, well, just set it out in the middle of the park in the sunshine!!

We saw some fairly unusual sights that day, but one of our favorites was the tractor crossing the Blue Water  Bridge... backwards :)
The beautiful, and brilliant birthday girls.  
We had some difficulty getting the candles lit all the way around due to the wind.  But with some fast finger work, and the help of the cake topper, we managed to not only light them all, but also keep them going long enough for the "girls" to blow them out.
Presents were mutually exchanged,
and smiles freely bestowed.
We enjoyed the cake and ice cream (quickly of course as this sweet but sticky item doesn't stay in it's solid form long in the July heat) and then sat back for a time of relaxation and fellowship.
One of the other sights at the park was this gentleman who was making a granite drawing on black canvas.  It was really intriguing and fascinating as we saw when we went to check it out before we left.
By far our favorite part was the marble checkerboards set in and around the picnic tables.  Josiah played a game with Theresa (who we were happy to have join us even though Josh was unable), one with Dad, one with himself, and finally one with Sadie Rose.  Sadie Rose was too good at the game for Josiah's level, and he was forced to give up after she had disposed of all his pieces in one way or another.  :)
We were about to head homeward, but decided to make a stop at the light house park to "dip our feet in the cool water".  By the time we reached the lake we were in definite need of something cool, the sand was BURNING hot!!
Sadie was more than happy to join us.  Such a water dog :P
We had the Port Huron party on Friday but Mothers real birthday was Sunday, so of course we had some more cake and ice cream then!  We are all so thankful for our Mumsie, and all the hard work she puts in here around the farm.   Love you Mumsie dear, and may God bless you with peace, rest, wisdom, love, and much, much, much more.