Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday...Family Pictures, A Bike Ride and Visit to a Cider Mill!

Monday was a full but fun day filled with much laughter, pictures and memories!

The morning was taken up with looking through every ones wardrobe and finding complimentary outfits and then heading down to the mill bridge to try to grab a new family picture while dodging rain drops. This isn't the final one...I will post those later.



After returning from pictures the 6 of us kids decided on going on a bike ride....a 10 mile one at that.

It was fun though and the weather was gorgeous and the sights beautiful. We rode down bumpy hills, climbed up gravely slopes, found a caboose hidden in the woods, saw a cat walk a fence line, were chased by half a dozen barking dogs, were stared at by a bunch of cows, stopped for a rest and ate apples and watched a horse race before heading back down our lovely dirt road towards home! It was quite a ride!

Farmer boy "Dewey"


Yahoo! Down hill!

John and I [taken by Josh]

Eating apples.

What are you looking at?

We got to watch this man and his horse work out around their track. It was amazing how fast they were going!

All nature declares God's glory and the fall scenery is shouting it out pretty loud!


After lunch we heading out again, and this time the rain was really coming down, to an Organic cider mill. The cider and doughnuts were good and we didn't so mind the rain that much but had a fun time feeding the animals they had there, including Michigan reindeer, a donkey and a few ornery goats. Oh and we also fought with a rooster and talked to the horses, becoming their best friends when John brought them some apples!

Sleigh ride anyone?! [picture taken by John]

The funniest little rooster!

[picture taken by John]

John walking on some huge tires they had there!

[picture taken by John] I am laughing because the horse was mouthing my sleeve and asking for another apple!