Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Weekend Festivities

Last Friday evening we had a most enjoyable time at Eddy Acres as our dear friends had invited us over for a bonfire and opportunity to go canoeing on their pond. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and as we gazed up into the star adorned heavens we sang hymns of praise to our Savior, our voices echoing over the openness and filling our hearts with awe of our Great Creator and King!

Following is what I was able to capture on "film" (digital of course).

The above two pictures are rather hilarious! Actually the latter came first but the expressions could say something else! No, Christianna was not thrown into the leech squirming pond but they did really enjoy themselves, especially since this was the first time we have been able to use our "new" 'old neighbor going-away-gift' canoe!

Pop-corn was prepared in the cast iron kettles and though a lot of it burned it still was delicious!

Roasting Marshmallows over an open fire - delicious!

Sitting under the open heavens and looking at the moon through a telescope - breathe taking!

Spending time with fellow believers and worshiping our Lord - Indescribable treasures!

*Thank you Eddys for your wonderful hospitality!)

Saturday afternoon was also a blessing. Our church was hosting a belated welcoming party for our family and even though everyone from our Church were not present, it was a most enjoyable time had by all as we canoed, played games, walked the trails, and enjoyed a scrumptious cookout dinner! As the evening came to a close we all met around the campfire and our family was blessed with a gorgeous peach tree and a basket of goodies from the local area as house warming gifts! "Thank you" is such a simple phrase to express our gratitude to our friends, both "old" and new and the kindness they have shown toward us with support and prayers over the past three years of trying to move and now with being able to fellowship more often. The Lord has truly been good to us and we cannot praise Him enough for His mercy and blessings!

Josiah and his two friends checking out the pond for frogs.

A game of soft (nerf) ball!
Musical entertainment around the campfire.

The big (and only) catch of the night! Josh brought in a large catfish.

To our Church family and the Bryson family, we thank God for you all and pray that He will bless you richly!

For Christ's glory!