Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To the Farmers Market

A couple of weeks ago Mother, Grace and I were able to visit the Flint Farmer's market.  It definitely lived up to my expectations!
There were actually two parts to the Farmer's Market, the seasonal outdoor pavilion market, and the indoor year round one.
There was a marvelous kaleidoscope of color lining each side of the pavilion, and each of the farmers displayed their attractive wares.

Root crops, tastefully set out, shone in the late afternoon sun; long pale parsnips, chubby orange carrots, purple blushing turnips, and deep red pink beets.
Once we had perused all the different displays of vegetable elegance, we slipped in out of the cold to the indoor market.
Coffee shops, and doughnut stands, as well as various candle and bakeries lined the room.  There was one "shop" with countless varieties of cheese, piled in an eye catching way.
Down farther there was a baklava stand,and another establishment was selling Osage Oranges!!
The visit was a success and we went home a dozen ears of corn, and a box of strawberries richer!