Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hope Thou in God.

Hope thou in God. Look on to the skies
When the surging troubles around thee rise.
Though the waves are dashing above thy head,
And thy heart is faint with foreboding dread,
Hope thou in God; thou shalt praise Him yet,
And the depth of thy sorrow in joy forget.

Hope thou in God. though the night be long,
The morning b
reaketh in jets of song.
The heart that fainteth shall live again,
The grief shall fade and the joy remain;
And life shall woo thee in richest dress
Of trust, gladness, and loveliness.

Hope thou in God. Give up the gold,
Or joy, or beauty; but ne'er withhold
From they heart its meed of hopeful love
That clingeth strong to the Friend above.
If it must be, loose all fragile ties;
But fix on God thy trustful eyes.

Hope thou in God. In the darkest night
This hope shall be a brillant light;
In the hour of thy passionate, deep despair,
This hope shall teach thee unfaltering prayer;
In the hour when the unseen world draws near,
This hope shall render it near and clear.

By Marianne Farningham