Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hiking with John!

So sorry its taking so long, but here our some more pictures of our time with John before he left for Korea. This spring Josiah and Faith found some wonderful trails in and around Pinnacle Peak, one of the highest points in our area. So we dragged John off to enjoy a good hike.

Happy hikers start up the trail!

John the Tight Rope Stunt Man!

There was this beautiful little stream crossing the path and Grace insisted on getting some pictures of people on the log that went over it.

Whoa! John monkeying around:)

My graceful Sister!!

Mumsie and her big boy.

Now What?!

John decided to try elevator.


Whoops I think he's a wee bit to big for the tree.

Happy siblings.

Come on we can make it, one more step!

At the top of pinnacle peak.

Dad and the boys built this for the camera to sit on. (unfortunately we couldn't get a picture of the camera on there:)

Poor John shrunk in the sun so I decided to carry him ;)

We found this quaint little nest on the ground beside the path.

Gorgeous Grace.

Doesn't she look lovely with her flower?

My Tom Sawyer

Can he make it?!!

Don't you just love the expression on his face?

We thank God for the beautiful day and the time we were able to spend with John.