Monday, July 18, 2005

The Birthday Girls With Their Cake!

Friday was Mom and Aunt Carmen's birthday! We celebrated the occasion at a local park in Port Huron and even though it started out raining, it soon stopped and turned out to be a delightful evening! Along with Grandpa and Grandma Learned, Mom's Uncle Warren and Aunt Myrt came, and near the end we were all pleasantly surprised when Mom's cousin Gail and her daughter Kelly showed up! God has truely blessed us with such a wonderful family and I am so thankful for my dear Mother and Aunt!
Happy Birthday!! =)

Grace Posted by Picasa

Mother with her lovely rose bush that Grandpa and Grandma gave her. Posted by Picasa

This is our wonderful Aunt Carmen, who among other things has a delightful sense of humor!!! ; ) Posted by Picasa

The whole gang! (not pictured is cousin Gail and daughter Kelly). Posted by Picasa

This is Grandma Perry. The beautiful 99 year old lady whom Grace and Faith visited with last Wednesday.  Posted by Picasa

Here we are playing Dominoes, one of Grandma Perry's favorite games.  Posted by Picasa

Visiting with Grandma Perry

Last Wednesday evening, Grace and I had a wonderful time visiting with a dear 99 year old Grandma of some homeschooling friends of ours. We were suppose to be "Granny-sitting" but it really just turned out to be a lovely time of talking and listening and learning from this dear old lady. A few months back when I was trying to learn how to Tat, she was the only person I could find that knew how, and helped me learn how to drop the left hand so the knot would flip, the one step that I just couldn't figure out. Here is a cross bookmark that I made so you can see what tatting looks like . . . . . . . .

Grandma Perry was born in 1906, and grew up on a large farm. Her family worked 300 acres of land, and raised their own chickens for meat and eggs, and made their own butter from the milk cows that they owned. She recalls that when they had hired hands come to work, her mother would bake 9 loaves of bread, every other day. Her very favorite thing was the heel from a just- baked loaf of bread, slathered with freshly churned butter! She went to school in a one room school house, and there she learned how to Tat. During the noon hour, her teacher would be tatting up at her desk, and Grandma would hurry through her lunch, so that she could watch. Soon she was learning how to make the pretty rings and picots, and has been tatting gorgeous edgings, doilies, necklaces, and other decorative things ever since. She also taught herself to Crochet, and has innumerable doilies scattered around her room, as well as many afghans draping her chairs. But her prize possession is a full sized Quilt that she pieced and quilted by hand. She told us that in the 30's, when her children were small, she would put them to bed and then work for hours on this quilt, carefully stitching together hundreds of tiny pieces. She also made a quilt for each of her grandchildren when they got married. She said that her hands were never idle, and her collection of beautiful handiwork is evidence of that for sure.

We ended the night with a few rousing games of Dominoes, then headed home, thankful for this dear old lady and others like her, who do so much to inspire this younger generation to better, and more useful things. God bless you Grandma Perry!


Faith <><

Saturday morning July 9th, found Mom, Charity, Christianna and I (Grace) traveling out to Grass Lake (East of Jackson) to attend the bridal shower of our cousin Ben's fiancee, Natalie. We had an enjoyable time getting to know her and her family and look forward to the wedding on August 13! Posted by Picasa

Sermon on the Mount with Lew Sterrit July 5, 2005

On Tuesday, July 5th we went to see the performance and teaching of the Sermon on the Mount Ministries (based in Pennsylvania) at Joshua House in North Branch. Throughout the evening, as Mr. Sterrit worked with a young filly, he continually tied in lessons with biblical principals that can be apply to our own human lives. Even though this has only been our second time seeing and hearing Lew Sterrit, it has been a wonderful blessing and experience for our family and I'm sure it will not be our last! Posted by Picasa

Mr. Sterrit working with a skittish and stubborn filly. Posted by Picasa